6 Reasons You Should Spend Time at Epping Golf Club, NSW

image by golfpass.com

The Epping Golf Club is a golf course in the Australian town of Epping, New South Wales. It was established in 1912 and has been an important part of the community ever since. The club offers many different services, including a driving range for new golfers, conference facilities for meetings and events, and even accommodation if you’re planning to stay overnight! There are 5 reasons why people should spend time at the Epping Golf Club; let’s take a look at them now.

The history

As one of the oldest clubs in NSW, it has had over 100 years to perfect its service offering – this means that they know what they’re doing! In fact, there have been some famous names who have graced the premises, including Bob Hawke and John Howard.

The environment

Epping is a gorgeous town with many amazing nature reserves nearby – it’s the perfect place to unwind after spending time on the course! It is conveniently located close to Sydney so you can explore this area of Australia at your own pace.

Numerous activities for all levels of golfers

We have driving ranges for beginners that want to get their swing down pat before they hit some greens or even an 18-hole putting green if you need some practice in between rounds! If you are looking for something more than just golf then we have various recreational facilities too. The tennis courts here offer great surroundings and views as well as squash courts, sports fields, and a gym.

A sense of community

We’re not just a golf course, we’re the Epping Golf Club! We can offer you so much more than your average club – from conference facilities to accommodation and recreational activities too. There’s plenty for members as well, with reciprocal arrangements in place with other clubs around NSW. It’s easy to see why people would want to come here!

The variety

There is something for everyone at our club which means that there are many reasons why someone should spend time at this one-of-a-kind establishment: from beginners who need some practice before they hit the greens or those looking for an 18 hole putting green; all the way up to experienced players looking to use different facilities for a tournament.

The fun atmosphere

Epping Golf club has a great atmosphere here, which is what makes us so special. We have the perfect mix of experienced and novice players who are looking to enjoy themselves – it’s not competitive at all! This means that everyone can take part in different social events or even play some board games after playing on the course. It really doesn’t get better than this when you want to spend time with friends!