Balls Head Reserve A Natural Paradise in North Sydney, 2060

Balls Head Reserve is a natural paradise, with many winding paths that lead to scenic waterfalls and enchanting views of the Sydney Harbour. Here you can find peace and tranquility in a beautiful forest setting on the North Shore. The reserve also has many native animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats and possums. The Balls Head Reserve is perfect for an afternoon picnic or a refreshing hike through nature in North Sydney NSW!

image by sydneyuncovered.com

There are hundreds of fun things to do in this place, including:

  • taking a scenic hike through the forest: If you like to experience the great outdoors, Balls Head Reserve is perfect for you. There are many paths that lead through beautiful forests and enchanting views of Sydney Harbour
  • a picnic at one of the scenic lookouts: Pack up your lunch from home or visit one of our food vendors on site before settling in for an afternoon with family and friends
  • chatting with some local fauna: The reserve has plenty of animals such as kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats and possums. Stop by their habitats near the visitor centre to learn more about these amazing Australian creatures!
  • admiring beautiful views of Sydney Harbour from one of its many lookouts: There are many scenic lookouts throughout the reserve, so you can capture that perfect photo of Sydney’s iconic skyline
  • or just exploring Sydney Harbour: Balls Head Reserve is located right on one of Australia’s most famous harbours. Stand in awe as boats come and go from Luna Park to Taronga Zoo!
  • walking along the Boardwalk for an unobstructed view of Glidden Point and Middle Head Nature Reserve: This is a unique opportunity to see the best of Sydney Harbour, with stunning views stretching from Point Piper in the east to Middle Head Nature Reserve in the west
  • an evening walk: If you’re looking for something less strenuous than hiking through Balls Head, there are many walking tracks that bring nature up close and personal. After sundown is even more magical!
  • taking a dip at one of its coves: The reserve has beautiful coves perfect for swimming or just relaxing on a sandy beach. You might also spot some dolphins playing offshore while soaking up this serene setting.

The Balls Head Reserve is a natural paradise for all ages. You don’t need to travel very far or spend tons of money to feel refreshed – just visit this beautiful forest on Sydney’s North Shore. You will enjoy all the amenities, such as picnic areas and scenic lookouts. It’s a great spot for families to spend time together or even just solo travellers who need some peace!